Big Data Analytics and augmented patient care

Jul 25, 2019 7:42:46 AM / by Aradhana Pandey posted in Big Data, Blog, Unstructured Data, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Data analysis tools, EHR, Graph Analytics, Healthcare, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics


Why Big Data in Healthcare is so required?


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MDM Upgrade...

Jul 25, 2019 7:40:40 AM / by Abhishek Kamboj posted in Blog, Data Quality, MDM, CDI, Match, Probabilistic, Data, IBM, InfoTrellis, Healthcare, Algorithm, Cleanup, Deterministic, DQR, EMPI, Entities, Finance, Government, Industry, Infosphere, Initiate, Leader, Link, Linkages, Master, MDS, MPI, Remediation, Retail, Score, Service, Steward, upgrade, Why


Why upgrade?
Clients ask me all the time, why? Why do we need to upgrade? We are happy with the way the software is working? if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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