Thrive on IBM MDM CE

Jul 25, 2019 7:36:46 AM / by Shruthi S posted in Blog, Master Data Management, Collaborative Edition, IBM MDM CE, PIM, Product Information Management, API, JMeter, MDM CE Performance


IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaborative Edition provides a highly scalable, enterprise Product Information Management (PIM) solution that creates a golden copy of products and becomes trusted system of record for all product related information.

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Product Information Management and Global Data Synchronization

Jul 25, 2019 6:49:17 AM / by Visalakshi M posted in Blog, Master Data Management, IBM MDM CE, GDS, Global Data Synchronization, Product Management


The digital era has fostered information transfer between two systems but the communication flaws have led to information loss. For example; Product Information shared between manufacturers and retailers. Manufacturers often communicate about new Products or changes to existing Products, Price information changes to retailers manually and in an ad hoc manner, leading to the data quality and integrity issues in key retail systems. These problems result in revenue loss and dissatisfied consumers.

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Jul 25, 2019 6:23:10 AM / by Shruthi S posted in Blog, Master Data Management, Collaborative Edition, Digital Asset Management, IBM MDM, IBM MDM CE, IBM MDM CE Upgrade, IBM MDM Performance, PIM, Product Information Management, Supplier Persona UI, Watson Explorer


IBM InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition, IBM’s offering in Product Information Management space, enables companies to master golden copy of product information that can be consumed throughout the organization for strategic business initiatives. With every new version of MDM CE, the product has been loaded with new handy features that the businesses have been yearning for, performance enhancements that will save valuable time for business users and cost for businesses.

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