How to enhance your Business Value using Data Quality (DQ) Tools

Jul 25, 2019 6:26:08 AM / by Karthik Mariappan posted in Blog, Data Quality, mapping, Address Standardization, Data Cleansing, Data Enhancement, Data Quality Tools, Record Linkage, Techniques, USPS, Address Quality


This blog post lists out some of the core concepts  of Data Quality assessment, perception changes in data quality, data quality management over the years, use of data quality tools to parse, standardize and cleanse data.

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EDW Readiness Checklist for adding new Data Sources

Jul 25, 2019 6:17:28 AM / by Anand.K posted in Blog, Enterprise Data Warehouse, mapping, Data types, DIM table, ETL jobs, Fact table, Range, Source Data, Source System, Storage, Target Data, Target System, upstream and downstream applications



It is common practice to make changes to the underlying systems either to correct problems or to provide support for new features that are needed by the business.  Changes can be in the form of adding a new source system to your existing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

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Connecting Informatica PowerCenter to Teradata

Jul 25, 2019 5:33:09 AM / by Junia Josephine posted in Blog, configuration, mapping, Relational Connection Configuration, Teradata, VMware, workflow, Informatica Power Center


Teradata - Overview

PowerCenter works with many databases, among which Teradata is one of a kind. Informatica PowerCenter integrates Teradata database into any business system and it serves as the technology foundation for controlling data movements. In Informatica PowerCenter, ODBC is used to connect with Teradata tables and its data.

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