How to integrate Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) with Informatica MDM

Jul 23, 2019 9:59:57 AM / by Meenatchi D posted in Blog, Data Quality, MDE, MDM, IDQ, Informatica IDQ, Informatica MDM, Landing Table, Multi-Domain Edition, Staging Table, Informatica Data Quality



Data cleansing and standardization is an important aspect of any Master Data Management (MDM) project. Informatica MDM Multi-Domain Edition (MDE) provides reasonable number of cleanse functions out-of-the-box. However, there are requirements when the OOTB cleanse functions are not enough and there is a need for comprehensive functions to achieve data cleansing and standardization, for e.g. address validation, sequence generation. Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) provides an extensive array of cleansing and standardization options. IDQ can easily be used along with Informatica MDM.

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